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Tabby Tales Rescue

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue licensed in the state of GA.
We exist for the sole purpose of saving homeless cats in the Savannah area.

As the saying goes, seasons change. Tabby Tales experienced our first kitten season in 2016, but we will not be participating this year. Life changes have moved many of us to different areas of the country and for a season or two, we will be on hiatus from rescue.

Over the last 7 years we have placed nearly 1200 cats into adoptive homes locally or through transport. We’ve facilitated the TNR of ~250 community cats, spay/neuter for over 50 owned cats and helped provide medical care to several family cats who may have been euthanized or surrendered without financial assistance. It has been our pleasure to serve our community and to provide care for these precious lives.

We are confident that our rescue friends in Savannah and the surrounding areas will carry on with strength and courage. Please provide encouragement to them, as rescue work can often be overwhelming and heartbreaking, and the people involved need your kindness and compassion.

Mahi will continue to say hello often and we will share updates about our adopted cats as we love sharing happy tales. 😻 Thank you for supporting Tabby Tales Rescue and for sharing this journey with us.