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Lost and Found Cats:

Contact your local animal services shelter and follow procedures for reporting a found cat.
If you can safely handle the cat, take her to a local veterinarian to be scanned for a microchip.

Post the cat to available online sources for lost and found pets including Facebook and NextDoor. Post signs in the neighborhood where the cat was lost or found.

Chatham County Animal Services
Effingham County Animal Services
Bryan County Animal Services
Lost and Found Pets in Savannah, GA Facebook

Orphaned Kittens:

1) Be sure the kittens are orphans. Often the mom may be away from her litter hunting food or perhaps even moving the kittens to a safer location. If possible, give her a couple of hours to surface before taking the kittens.

2) Take the kittens to a vet to determine age, health status, medical and nutrition needs. Some kittens may require bottle feeding and others may be old enough to eat on their own.

3) Be prepared to help. It is always ‘kitten season’ in Savannah and local rescues are constantly overwhelmed with requests to take in cats. Most rescues can assist in coaching you through bottle feeding and perhaps even provide supplies if you are willing to do the work of raising orphaned kittens.

4) Let a rescue or shelter help place the kittens when they are old enough for adoption. While it could take several weeks for a ‘surrender’ appointment with a shelter or foster-based rescue, allowing an organization to help find adopters for the kittens ensures that they are properly vetted and spayed/neutered prior to placement, further helping to curb the overpopulation problem.

Alley Cat Allies – Finding Kittens Outdoors
Kitten Lady – Determining A Kitten’s Age
Kitten Lady – How To Safely Bottle Feed A Kitten

Operation Catnip Flyer
Kitten Lady Kitten Care Booklet






Community Cat Care or Trap/Neuter/Release:

Islands Feral Cat Project
Alley Cat Allies – Community Cat Care
Fixing the Boro
Carpathia Paws

Low Cost Spay/Neuter & Veterinary Services for Owned Pets:

National Spay Alliance Savannah
Humane Society of Savannah
Palmetto Animal League
Fixing The Boro
Renegade Paws Rescue
One Love Animal Rescue

While Tabby Tales does not have a formal TNR program, we may be able to provide assistance with personal pet cats or owned indoor/outdoor cats who need to be spayed/neutered when an owner lacks the resources to provide for the service. Please email us at [email protected] for more information regarding the Feline Good program.

Behavioral Resources:

Adopt-A-Pet – Help to Keep Your Pet
Cat Behavior Associates
Cat Behavior Associates – New Cat Instructions
Cat Behavior Associates – Litter Boxes
Allison Helps Cats

Surrendering a Pet:

We understand that life circumstances change and people sometimes need assistance with a pet that they never expected to need. At this time we are unable to accept additional cats into our care and encourage you to reach out to all area rescues for placement assistance. You may also try utilizing AdoptAPet/Rehome.

Adopt-A-Pet Rehome

If you or a loved one previously adopted a cat from Tabby Tales and need assistance please email us at [email protected].

Veterinary Emergencies:

Please contact Savannah Veterinary Emergency Center for life threatening medical emergencies.